Artist and Active Listener

Artist and Active Listener

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Footwear I explore gender expression, assumptions and gender fluidity in these acrylic paintings featuring boots and legs. They showcase people’s legs and footwear in different skin tones and body sizes to highlight how we cannot assume gender or the life of the person in the […]


Lips Bite & Love Melt Screen printing​ Layering each colour and template to create these hand painted, one of a kind, commission designs that are made to order. Love Melt Lip bite


Houses Interior and exterior living spaces inspiring me. The black and white ink drawings on paper creatively bind structure, design and flow.


SUNNYBROOK PSYCHIATRY In collaboration with Barket Kezwer and Sunnybrook Hospital Psychiatry Department and in conjunction with their PFAC members, we created three 5×5 murals to be placed in the F Wing. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your work, collaboration and positive energy. It was great […]

IONIA Peer Support Manual

IONIA Peer Support Manual

IONIA Peer Support Manual Working in collaboration with a fellow founder of Ionia to create an illustration for their Peer Support Manual. Black and white map of Ionia’s Models of Care

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