Artist and Active Listener

Artist and Active Listener

Fairview Library Workshop


Folks facing the front of the room as they sit along a long table. Amanda points to their art on the screen.
A photo of the Artist in the Library poster in a plexi glass mounted on a wall.

As part of the Artist In The Library Residency program from Toronto Public Library and Toronto Arts Council, this illustration workshop was created for BIPOC adult was created. Participants are encouraged to explore their emotions and feelings through mapmaking. Participants were encouraged to engage using a theme during the two-hour session. It included an honorarium as well as community mental health resources and a material kit. Mental health resources and tools will be provided during each session with additional take-home material. The online workshop was on August 30th and the in-person workshop at Fairview Library was on October 22nd, 2022.

What others have said

“I’d describe the workshop as a creative journey where we get to explore one specific emotion through drawing.”

“Amanda is a wonderful teacher – warm, open, kind, calm, and not afraid to be vulnerable. I loved when Amanda shared their work with us. I felt very inspired by how much thought and care they put into each piece.”

“(The workshop was) illuminating. I’m going to share this with my art challenge group…I highly recommend. Opened my eyes to real world outside”

“(Amanda was) brilliant and generous. I feel acknowledged. (They) are knowledgable and kind. Make me feel very comfortable to share my feelings. Perfect atmosphere to learn something new.”

Text about event with images of Amanda smiling and drawing.

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